WinGPC Software Training, Light Scattering/Viscometry/Triple



This software training course is designed for present users of the WinGPC software modules viscometry, single angle light scattering, multi angle light scattering and for future clients using light scattering, viscometry or Triple detection. It offers lectures and practical PC sessions given by an experienced polymer chemist with extensive knowledge about chromatography, WinGPC and the methods described above.

Participants should be familiar with the basic WinGPC features and functions. Previous attendance of the WinGPC UniChrom software training course (P/N 899-0029) is recommended but not required. For clients interested in a hands-on training including measurements with the instruments itself, PSS offers an alternative 2-day viscometry/light scattering hands-on training (P/N 899-0025).

After successful participation each attendee should be able

• to identify the best method for advanced molar mass determination of samples
• to determine important instrument and system constants
• to achieve reliable results from viscometers, light scattering detectors and Triple detectors
• to recognize and read molar mass results obtained with molar mass sensitive detectors correctly
• to evaluate data faster and with higher confidence


Date: 09.11.2020
Price: 590.00€ + MWst


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