Polymers, Biopolymers, Proteins - at PSS we appreciate and understand the complexities of these materials. Therefore, we can apply our expertise to the characterization of large molecules.

Contract Analysis

At PSS analytical services division we address each sample with the highest of priority. PSS provides characterization in a variety of solvents (THF, Toluene, DMF, DMAc, NMP, TCM, HFIP, TFE, Water, DMSO, DCB and TCB) at temperatures up to 155┬░C.

Turn-key Solutions

Whatever your priority, speed, resolution, sensitivity, or data accountability, PSS ensures GPC/SEC, IPC and 2D configurations ideally suited to meet your application requirements.

It's Magic: The PSS Column Concept

Don't make picking your next GPC/SEC column a game of chance! The PSS Magic Triangle Concept is your key to successful size separations.

Expand your Knowledge

The answer is 42 -
don't stop half way and make our experience yours. PSS courses further technical knowledge, application skills, and expertize allowing to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the lab.

Perfect Separation Solutions for Polymers, Biopolymers, Polysaccharides and Proteins

From a single molar mass reference material to turn-key systems for fully compliant (multi-detection) GPC/SEC, IPC or 2D, PSS offers all products and services for successful macromolecular analysis and expert support by liquid chromatography enthusiasts.


  • Molar Mass Averages and Molar Mass Distributions
  • Chemical Composition Distributions
  • Structural Type Distributions
  • Branching
  • End Group Distributions
  • Pore Sizes and Pore Size Distributions


Upcoming Events

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