PSS Actions in response to Covid-19 - Update August 2020

To protect those who need our protection, for the well-being of our employees, customers, partners, their families and friends, and in order to find a balance between supporting our customers and applying safety rules, PSS continues the following measures:

Remote working until September 30th
Many PSS employees will continue to work remotely. These colleagues do not come into the office to reduce the risk for the colleagues, who work in laboratories, manufacturing facilities and shipping departments. 

Non-essential global travel restrictions until September 30th
Whenever possible PSS meetings and visits will be turned into virtual activities. Travel is only permitted in exceptional cases. Service visits are arranged in close cooperation with our customers and assuring highest safety rules.

Limiting visitors to all our facilities and offices worldwide until September 30th 
Some visits cannot be turned into virtual meetings. In such cases all visitors will need to fill out a screening form before being admitted. PSS takes every precaution to create a safe meeting place with social distancing, frequent disinfecting of work surfaces and providing gloves and masks, if required.

Production and shipping returned to full operation
While shifts allowed us to offer our complete supplies and services portfolio during the last weeks PSS now returned to full operation. Our hygiene concept ensures a safe working place for all of our teammates.  

We continually review our policy and keep you updated about any changes.

 PSS sends warmest regards to all of those around the world who manage this crisis and fight to protect and save what is important to all of us.

Your PSS Team


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