New White Paper: Greener GPC/SEC

A cleaner and healthier environment and responsible use of our resources is a common goal of societies around the world. At PSS, we are committed to the 12 principles of green chemistry and are working on implementing them sustainably for our products and concepts.

Gel permeation chromatography/size-exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) as a liquid chromatography (LC) technique requires the use of a mobile phase. The growing awareness of the need for more sustainable (greener) solutions has focused attention on environmentally- and health-friendly solvents and solutions. PSS has published a White Paper to support scientist currently concerned with the question of how to implement these principles in the analytical laboratory.

Scope of this White Paper and the work behind is to

  1. Discuss less hazardous solvent alternatives from renewable resources which can be successfully applied for size separation of macromolecules
  2. Describe options for users of GPC/SEC/GFC to establish solutions more in coherence with the 12 principles of green chemistry


Download the white paper and discuss with us your needs and experiences. 


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